Equity Release Mortgages

If you are a homeowner over 55 you may have a sizeable amount of equity in your property. This being built up over the years into quite a nice little nest egg.  Getting at this is easy with equity release mortgages. We can help you from start to finish with the application. We answer any questions you may have and we can guide you through all the options available. To be eligible to apply you must be aged between 55 and 95. Our equity release mortgages advisors are in Wiltshire but can offer their services nationwide.

The advantage of equity release mortgages are that you can stay in your home and do not have to sell or move to free up cash.  You can release a large lump sum without moving at all.  The lump sum can also be tax free.  So you can avoid the upheaval of having to move which is well known for being one of the most stressful times you can endure.

Getting cash this way could allow you to enjoy your retirement more and take that long cruise or holiday, buy that new sports car you’ve always wanted, or simply to treat loved ones.  Provided you are over 55 and live in your property you could be eligible.   There are many different lenders on the market and we can help guide you through which is best for you and what options you have. We work with experts who will advise you on everything every step of the way.

Not all mortgage experts are qualified to provide advice on this matter however we are and we work with specialist advisors who are also.  One option is a lifetime mortgage which is a loan paid as a lump sum tax free and this is secured against your home. There are no regular repayments, the interest is added to the capital and the loan plus interest is repaid when you sell your property.  Lifetime mortgages can be more flexible then home reversion plans.  You must always remember though should you choose not to make any repayments the amount of interest can add up quite a lot.

Equity release mortgages in Wiltshire can unlock cash fairly quickly, allowing you the freedom to spend it on anything you wish. We work with expert independent advisors who are experts in this field and can offer a complete service.  There are drawbacks to this type of scheme and you will be informed of all these before deciding to go ahead so you can make a fully informed decision as these types of products are not like normal mortgages.

We can compare interest rates across all lenders but also there are other factors too which you should take into consideration which we will cover too. Our expert advisors will go through all these with you with free no obligation equity release mortgages advice.  Due to the complexity of these products it is vital you get qualified professional advice before signing anything.  Contact us today or request a free call back and we can discuss equity release mortgages in Wiltshire and nationwide and how they work and if they are suitable for your requirements.